In prosperous Puglia, a land with an ancient olive oil tradition, the extra virgin olive oil of Masseria Ciura was born

Masseria Ciura’s extra virgin olive oil was born in the generous region of Puglia, a land with ancient olive groves. The history of the Ciura Company starts with the construction of the imposing Baroque farm, built by the family of the Ciura Barons in the early 17th century. For more than four centuries this farm has been a significant point of reference for rural life in Massafra, for local production and labor. A proof of its importance is the namesake road that brings from the village to the sea.

The farm was bought in 1958 by Francesco D’Agostino  and it was soon converted into an advanced zootechnical farm for bovine animals. For its innovative integrated technology in the late 1960s it won the “Prima Stalla d’Italia” prize.

The entrepreneur was driven by a deep love for nature and a virtuous vision of the farm. Therefore, he decided to refurbish and restart the village for workers and their families, with homes, a school, a church and all that running a farm required. So it turned out to be the place where the community could share work and everyday life.

The Ciura farm has an extension of about 53 hectares, 60% of which are citrus fruits, 5%  vineyards of table grapes and the remaining 35%  is olive groves. These crop choices depend on the agro-environmental characteristics typical of the Ionian territory and specifically of Massafra, as well as market needs. The country is a hilly area about 7 km from the sea, which serves as a shelter from the cold winds coming from the north and from the masses of hot air coming from the south Ionian sea.

In the Ciura Company the olive oil production is extremely important, both in terms of surface exploited and of agronomic attention.

The extra virgin olive oil produced and marketed by the company is obtained from skillfully blended local varieties, creating the so-called “blends” characterized by intense colors with fruity aromas, slightly almond flavors, with notes of artichoke and green tomatoes.


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The extra virgin olive oil of Masseria Ciura is available in different selections and it whas on several prizes in national and international contests for its genuine flavour.